Transition Multiple connector settings

vacuum_hose_adapter transition_hull
Settings specific to the Hull transition style.

Setting Description
Transition_HullLength vacuum_hose_adapter transition_hulllength
The length of the connector inside the hull transition. You can also adjust the Connector 2 length, however this wont hull, meaning it might clip inside the shape.
Transition_HullyOffset vacuum_hose_adapter transition_hulloffset
MultiConnector, connector in hull offset. Shifts the connectors away from the center by the amount provided. Shifting too far might results in thin walls in the transition.
Transition_HullCenter Adds center connector, see Transition_HullCenterHeight.
Transition_HullCenterHeight vacuum_hose_adapter transition_hullcenter
Sets the height of the center connector. default is 2*lengthInHull, but this will often not be enough, and its hard to calculate. Suggest you try different values till you find one that is appropriate.