Connector - Flange


Pregenerated models that can be downloaded.


Setting Description
End_Flange_Width vacuum_hose_adapter flange_width
Width of Flange added to the connector diameter
End_Flange_Thickness vacuum_hose_adapter flange_thickness
Thickness of the flange
End_Flange_Screw_Position vacuum_hose_adapter flange_screwposition
Position of the screws added to the connector diameter, 0 = middle of flange
End_Flange_Screw_Border vacuum_hose_adapter flange_screwborder
Minium amount of the material around the magnets (mm), 0 = End_Flange_Width / 4
End_Flange_Screw_Count vacuum_hose_adapter flange_screwcount
Number of Screw holes flange
End_Flange_Screw_Diameter vacuum_hose_adapter flange_screwdiameter
The diameter of the screws (mm)