Connector - Nozzle


Pregenerated models that can be downloaded.


Setting Description
End_Nozzle_Shape vacuum_hose_adapter nozzle_shape
square: a square tip, where you can control the width and depth of the tip, and the corner radius
circle: A round tip, where you can control the radius.
End_Nozzle_Size vacuum_hose_adapter nozzle_size
Size of the nozzle tip, in the format of [width, depth, length]
End_Nozzle_Tip_Wall_Thickness vacuum_hose_adapter nozzle_tipwallthickness
End_Nozzle_Radius vacuum_hose_adapter nozzle_radius
End_Nozzle_Offset vacuum_hose_adapter nozzle_offset
End_Nozzle_Chamfer_Percentage vacuum_hose_adapter nozzle_chamferpercentage
End_Nozzle_Chamfer_Angle vacuum_hose_adapter nozzle_chamferangle