Transition Support For Angled Adapters

vacuum_hose_adapter transitionbase
The base support is intended to assist in printing the adapter allowing the for less support by orientating it on the bend. This wont work for all configurations, and often some support is still needed for angled adapters.

Setting Description
Transition_Base_Type vacuum_hose_adapter transitionbase
Include a flat section on the transition to assist with printing [none, oval, rectangle]
Transition_Base_Thickness vacuum_hose_adapter transitionbase_thickness
Support Base Additional Thickness
Transition_Base_Width vacuum_hose_adapter transitionbase_width
Support Base Width. default is half diameter
Transition_Base_Length vacuum_hose_adapter transitionbase_length
Support Base Length Default is 2/3 diameter
Transition_Base_Angle vacuum_hose_adapter transitionbase_angle_text
Support Base Angle position, default half of Bend Radius