Connector - Hose connector

The hose connector is the most generic connector. Its intended to be pushed inside a hose or over an existing connector. We can enable a stop to prevent the adapter being pulled in to the hose, and barbs for soft style pipe.

Pregenerated models that can be downloaded.


Setting Description
End_StopThickness vacuum_hose_adapter hose_stopthickness
Thickness of hose stop
End_StopLength vacuum_hose_adapter hose_stoplength
Length of hose stop. It will be easier to if the length is greater than the StopThickness.
End_Stop_Symmetrical vacuum_hose_adapter hose_stopsymmetrical
Enabling will taper the stop on both sides, this can be helpful depending on your print orientation .
End_Barbs_Count vacuum_hose_adapter hose_barbscount
The number of barbs
End_Barbs_Thickness vacuum_hose_adapter hose_barbsthickness
Thickness of the barbs, default is half wall thickness
End_Barbs_Symmetrical vacuum_hose_adapter hose_barbssymmetrical
Should the barbs be tapered both sides. Might be easier to print.
End_Hose_EndCap_Thickness vacuum_hose_adapter hose_endcapthickness
Adds an end cap of the selected width in mm to the end of a hose connector. This can be used to create a closed connector, or you can add a hole using End_Hose_EndCap_Diameter.
- 0: disables the endcap. Default
End_Hose_EndCap_Diameter vacuum_hose_adapter hose_endcapdiameter
Creates a hole in the endcap of the provided diameter in mm.