Gridfinity Extended

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Gridfinity Extended is an OpenSCAD library originally based on Jamies library Built on this library are added base features and a customisable extended feature set.

Details of the Gridfinity specifications can be found on the official site


Online Customiser

Offical Gridfinity Extended on MakerWorld Customiser
The Official online version Gridfinity Extended is currently hosted on MakerWord’s customiser (I prefer people don’t host it in other places). I chose MakerWork as this version seems to work for all my models. The Online model gives you online access to the model generation, without the need to use OpenSCAD on a PC. You do lose a couple of features, most notably the preview option. All online generators do not support preview, so colours or debug slice or calipers.


GitHub repo ostat/gridfinity_openscad

Added features included

Features added the the Base Gridfinity cups

Extended features

Extended features are features that build on the base bin but allow for unique options. These features also allow combining multiple extended features in to a single tray.

Options available

  • Item Holder
  • Divider
  • Tray

Table of contents