Transition Configuration

Setting Description
Transition_Style The style of the transition see Transition Styles above.
- taper+bend: Taper then bend
- bend+taper: Bend then taper
- organicbend: fully tapered bend
- hull: Hull for multiple end count
- flat: basic flat transition.
Transition_Length vacuum_hose_adapter transition_length
Length of the transition between the two ends.
- For taper+bend and bend+taper this will be the tapered sections length.
- For flat its the length of the transitions.
For organicbend and hull it has no effect.
Transition_Bend_Radius vacuum_hose_adapter transition_bendradius
The radius in mm around which the bend will occur.
- Impacts taper+bend, bend+taper and organicbend.
Transition_Angle vacuum_hose_adapter transition_angle
Angle of bend through the transition section.
- Impacts taper+bend, bend+taper and organicbend.
Transition_Offset vacuum_hose_adapter transition_offset
This offset applies to the tapered section of taper+bend, bend+taper. It allows moving the second connector of the center.
- For ‘organicbend or hull this is not supported.
Transition_End2_Count vacuum_hose_adapter transition_EndCount
The number of ends will be rendered (does not include the hull center). The are all all evenly spaced around a full 360. You will need to adjust the angle and bend radius to make it work. Any number can be applied, however more then 6 is unlikely to be workable.