#CNC Clamps

OpenSCAD script for creating 3d Printed CNC hold down clamps.



OpenSCAD Customiser settings

CNC hold down

Setting Description
Bolt_Cutout_Length Length of bolt cutout (mm)
Bolt_Cutout_Diameter Diameter Length of bolt cutout (mm)
Bolt_Clearance Clearance around the bolt head (mm), default = Bolt_Cutout_Diamater
Wall_Thickness Thickness of the front and side walls (mm)
Base_Thickness Thickness of the base(mm), Default = Wall_Thickness*2
Base_Relief Back relief on base (mm), default = Wall_Thickness/2

Front Lip

Setting Description
Front_Radius Radius of front lip (mm), default = Wall_Thickness
Front_Lip_Length Length of front lip (mm), default = Front_Radius
Front_Height Height of front lip (mm), default = Front_Radius
Front_Relief_Angle Relief on front (deg)
Front_Wall_Thickness Front wall thickness (mm), default = Wall_Thickness
Support_Length The full height length (mm), default = half length
Support_Height The full Length height (mm) , default = quarter height

Back Lip

Setting Description
Back_Radius Radius of back lip, default = Base_Thickness*3/4
Back_Lip_Length Extend length of back lip

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