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gridfinity extended

Adds a sliding lit to a Gridfinity cup. The top of the lid aligns with the top of the cup of it had no lid. A small rebate and set of runners is added to the cup to support the lid and stop it lifting off. You can use any of the existing Lips, however some could result in overhand that are not very printable. Recommend not stackable or reduced if you want to stack the cups.

General Cup Settings

Setting Description
mode Should we render the cup, lid or both.
sliding_lid_enabled Should the lid be enabled.
sliding_lid_thickness How thick the lid should be
Default is wall thickness * 2.
sliding_min_wall_thickness The rebate for the lid can cut in to the cup wall. This defines the minium thickens of the wall.
Default is wall thickness / 2.
sliding_min_support how much wall should be under and above the lid to to provide support. This would come in to the bin reducing the size of the opening
Default is sliding_lid_thickness / 2.
sliding_clearance The amount the lid is reduced compared to the rebate
sliding_lid_cutout_size X and Y size of the cutout in mm. Negative numbers are use as a ratio. -2 would be 1/2
sliding_lid_cutout_radius Cutout corner radius size in mm
sliding_lid_cutout_position The cutout is centred, this x and y value allows you offset the position