Firmware upgrade error

While updating firmware received error Upload Failed with and error message of Upload buffer miscompare.

This appears to be related to space on the ESP chip.

Solution is to first install the latest minimal firmware, then update the latest full firmware.

Prevent turn off

For Smart power sockets with power monitoring. When using for just use the power monitoring disable the ability to turn the power off. Prevents accidental turning off.

  • PowerOnState Display current setting.
  • PowerOnState 4 On power, socket turns on, prevents turning off.
  • PowerOnState 3 (default) On power on, return switch previous state prevent turning off.


Auto turn off

The PulseTime can be used to turn off a device after a period of time from when turned on.

  • PulseTime Display current settings.
  • PulseTime1 0 Turn off PulseTime for relay1.
  • PulseTime1 400 Turn off device after its been on for 5 minutes.


Home Assistant integration

Disable Tasmota device discovery (SetOption19 0)
Home Assistant - Tasmota


For a single button multi output power strip. By default the button won’t turn on or off all relays.

  • button1#state=3: Trigger on long press.
  • SetOption1 1: Restrict button actions to press and hold. Prevents accidental reset with long press.
  • SetOption32 20: Set long press time to 20 seconds
  • Backlog: Command/line contains multiple commands.
Backlog ButtonTopic 0; SetOption1 1; SetOption32 20

On long press turn everything off (regardless of what the sate is).

ON button1#state=3 DO power0 0 ENDON

On long press, if any relays is on turn all off, if all are off turn all on.
Solution uses a variable to record if anything is on.

ON System#Boot DO var1 0 ENDON
ON power1#state=1 DO Add1 1 ENDON
ON power2#state=1 DO Add1 1 ENDON
ON power3#state=1 DO Add1 1 ENDON
ON power4#state=1 DO Add1 1 ENDON
ON power1#state=0 DO Sub1 1 ENDON
ON power2#state=0 DO Sub1 1 ENDON
ON power3#state=0 DO Sub1 1 ENDON
ON power4#state=0 DO Sub1 1 ENDON
ON Var1#State>4 DO Var1 4 ENDON
ON Var1#State<0 DO Var1 0 ENDON
ON Var1#State>0 DO Var2 0 ENDON
ON Var1#State==0 DO Var2 1 ENDON
ON button1#state=3 DO power0 %var2% ENDON

Tasmota Rules
Tasmota SetOptions

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