OpenSCAD Hose adapters

Hose Adapter connectors
This is an OpenSCAD script for creating hose adapters.


Online Customiser

Ostat’s Hose Adapter on MakerWorld Customiser
The Official online version of the Ostat’s Hose Adapter is currently hosted on MakerWord’s customiser (I prefer people don’t host it in other places). I chose MakerWork as this version seems to work for all my models. The Online model gives you online access to the model generation, without the need to use OpenSCAD on a PC. You do lose a couple of features, most notably the preview option. All online generators do not support preview, so colours or debug slice or calipers.


Here you can find the scripts, to create you own adapters. ostat/vacuum-hose-adapter-openscad .


There are two groupings of parts connectors and transitions. Each (well most) Adapters are made up of three parts.

  • End1 the first connector (shown in pink)
  • End2 the second connector (shown in blue)
  • transition that connects them together (shown in green). The transition between the adapters can be straight or angled, and can be a one to one adapter or a one to many (of the same type).


There are currently eight different connectors. Some (hose, flange, magnetic and nozzle) are generic and configurable. Then there are four (Camlock, CenTec, DW735 and Dyson V6) that are fixed adapters and are not configurable. All eight of the connectors can be use as End1 or End2 depending on your needs.


There are currently five different transitions that can be used to join the connectors. Each has different options and use cases that it is suited to. Not all adapters will be easy to print so depending on your settings support may be needed.

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