Gridfinity Drawers

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Gridfinity drawers. The drawers are designed so that a gridfinity bin can fit in side the drawer.

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Chest Settings

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Setting Description
mode What to display [everything, Single Drawer, Drawers, Chest]
drawer inner width Inner width of drawer in Gridfinity units
drawer inner depth Inner depth of drawer in Gridfinity units
drawer inner height Inner height of drawer in Gridfinity units
drawer count Number of drawers
drawer enable custom sizes Check to use sizes from a list
drawer custom sizes Inner heights of drawers in Gridfinity units. Edit in script for more than 4 items.
clearance Distance between drawer and chest, or between contents and drawer
box wall thickness  
box wall slide thickness Thickness of drawer slides in mm. 0 uses wall thickness
box drawer slide width Width of drawer slides in mm. 0 is full box width.

Drawer Settings

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Setting Description
handle size drawer handle size
Handle size width, depth, height, and radius. Height, less than 0 drawerHeight/abs(height). radius, 0 = depth/2.
wallthicknessInner Thickness of drawer inset walls
drawerbase drawer base style
Type of the drawer insert floor [Grid only, floor only, Grid and floor]
drawer grid style drawer grid style
[Default, Efficient magnet base]

Chest Top Plate Settings

Chest Top Plate

Setting Description
box enable top grid  
box top grid style [Default, Efficient magnet base]

Chest Base

Chest Base

Setting Description
bottomgrid Check to enable bottom grid
magnet diameter  
screw depth  
hole overhang remedy Sequential Bridging hole overhang remedy is active only when both screws and magnets are nonzero (and this option is selected)
box corner attachments only Only add attachments (magnets and screw) to box corners (prints faster).
half pitch Enable to subdivide bottom pads to allow half-cell offsets
flat_base Removes the internal grid from base the shape

Chest Wall Pattern Settings

Chest Wall Pattern

Setting Description
wallpattern_enabled Enables a grid pattern to be removed from the walls of the bin.
wallpattern_style OpenSCAD base wallpattern style
Sets the grid style for the wall pattern.
grid: Aligns the holes in a square grid
hexgrid: Aligns the holes in a hexgrid. voronoi: Voronoi pattern of completely random placement.
voronoigrid: Voronoi pattern aligned to a grid,voronoihexgrid: : Voronoi pattern aligned to a hex grid.
wallpattern_walls Selects the walls to enable the wall pattern on. [front, back, left, right].
I.E. [1,0,0,0] front only, [1,1,1,1] all walls.
wallpattern_fill OpenSCAD base wallpattern fill
The pattern wont fill the space completely. These options allow for extending the patter to fill the space. Note, the pattern is rotated to make the hex shape easier to print. As such you need to swap vertical and horizontal.
none: no fill
space: Increase Space between grid to fill
crop: Over fill and crop the the allowed space
crophorizontal:Crop horizontal only
cropvertical: Crop vertical only
crophorizontal_spacevertical: Crop horizontal space vertical
cropvertical_spacehorizontal: Crop vertical space horizontal
spacevertical:Space vertical
spacehorizontal:Space horizontal
Does not apply to voronoi styles.
wallpattern_hole_sides Number of sides of the hole.
4: square
6: hexagon
64: circle
Does not apply to voronoi styles.
wallpattern_hole_size Size of the hole
wallpattern_hole_spacing Spacing between pattern
wallpattern_voronoi_noise amount of noise to add to voronoigrid and voronoihexgrid
wallpattern_voronoi_radius Radius of corners on voronoi shapes