Script to auto set the brightness of a light based on the time of day.


  • Brightness to be based on time of day
  • Light to be switched via mains switch
  • On power on, light needs to get time time from NTP, then set brightness
  • Dim light is needed while its gets the current time (4-6s)
  • Ability to force max brightness using mains switch
    ForceMax: Set Light Max Brightness
    state if_failedbootstate <<choice>>
    SetFailedBootsFalse: Set Failed Boot to false
    SetFailedBootsTrue: Set Failed Boot to true
    waitBootTime: Wait for boot time (10s)
    WiFi: connect to wifi (1-5s)
    NPT: get time from NPT (1-2s)
    LoadPereviousFailedBoot: Load the PereviousFailedBoot state
    WaitNtp: Wait for NTP
    TimeBasedBrightness: Set brightness based on time
    BootBrightness: Set Dim brightness

    [*] --> PowerOn
    PowerOn --> LoadPereviousFailedBoot
    LoadPereviousFailedBoot --> SetFailedBootsTrue
    PowerOn --> WiFi
    LoadPereviousFailedBoot --> if_failedbootstate
    WiFi --> NPT
    NPT --> WaitNtp
    SetFailedBootsTrue --> waitBootTime
    note right of waitBootTime : If user turns off power before FailedBoot is set to `false`,<br>next power on will be max brightness.
    waitBootTime --> SetFailedBootsFalse
    if_failedbootstate --> ForceMax: If PreviousFailedBoots true
    if_failedbootstate --> BootBrightness: If PreviousFailedBoots false
    BootBrightness --> WaitNtp
    WaitNtp --> TimeBasedBrightness
    TimeBasedBrightness --> Sleep
    Sleep --> TimeBasedBrightness


Firmware project site

list of commands supported by OpenBK7231T_App


To be save in the OpenBK7231T autoexec.

startDriver ntp
ntp_timeZoneOfs 10:00

//Override dynamic control on fast reboot (mains off and on)
//To trigger turn on for less than configured failed boot time(default 5s), off for 2s, on again.
if $failedBoots>=2 then goto override 

echo setting up dynamic lighting. failedBoots $failedBoots uptime $uptime
alias day_lights backlog led_temperature 200; led_dimmer 100; echo lights_day_lights
alias evening_lights backlog led_temperature 500; led_dimmer 50; echo lights_evening_lights 
alias night_lights backlog led_temperature 500; led_dimmer 25; echo lights_night_lights

//Timed events for auto switching when leaving the light on
addClockEvent 06:00 0xff 1 day_lights 
addClockEvent 19:00 0xff 2 backlog evening_lights 
addClockEvent 22:00 0xff 3 backlog night_lights

//set initial value while we wait
backlog led_temperature 500; led_dimmer 20; led_enableAll 1;

//Wait for NTP to set up and retrieve current time value
waitFor NTPState 1
if $hour>=06&&$hour<19 then day_lights
if $hour>=19&&$hour<22 then evening_lights
if $hour>=22||$hour<06 then night_lights
goto end

echo overriding dynamic light, setting to max brightness, let there be light. failedBoots $failedBoots uptime $uptime
backlog led_temperature 154; led_dimmer 100; led_enableAll 1;

echo autoexec done. failedBoots $failedBoots, uptime $uptime, NTPOn $NTPOn, time $day $hour $minute $second