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Gridfinity Basic Cup

General Cup Settings

Setting Description
width X dimension in grid units (multiples of 42mm)
options [ 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 ]
depth Y dimension in grid units (multiples of 42mm)
options [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 ]
height Height in Gridfinity height units (7mm) of the bin. Does not include the lip height which is about 4mm.
filled_in gridfinity filled in
Fill in solid block (overrides all following options). Useful for generating a block to be later modified in OpenSCAD or exported and modified in another tool.
default = "off"
off: not filled in
on: filled in but still stackable
notstackable:filled in an not stackable
label gridfinity label
Include overhang for labeling.
disabled: no label
left: Left aligned
right: Right aligned
center: Center aligned
leftchamber: One label per chamber, left aligned
rightchamber: One label per chamber, right aligned
centerchamber: One label per chamber, center aligned
label_relief gridfinity label relief
Creates a relief in the Label shelf, so that a sticker label can be affixed without impacting the ability to stack.
Default = 0, no relief.
label_width Width of the label in number of Gridfinity units (42mm), or zero means full width.
wall_thickness Thickness of the bin walls, Zack’s design is 0.95
default = 0, this will dynamically increase the wall as the bin size increases. height < 8 = 0.95, height > 8 and < 16 = 1.2, height >= 16 = 1.6
lip_style gridfinity lip style
Removes some or all of lip.
default = "normal"
normal: normal lip
reduced: smaller lip
none: no lip
position gridfinity position
x and y position of the rendered bin. Useful of planing to further edit the bin with another script.
default: Centers x1 and y1
center: centers the whole bin
zero: Sets the lower left side of the bin on the zero mark


Gridfinity Subdivisions

Setting Description
chamber_wall_thickness The thickness of the chamber walls, default is 1.2.
Number of chambers, or n-1 walls.
default = 1
Adds a bend to the wall, with this amount of separation in mm. I.E. 10 would result in a wall with a bend that has a 10mm offset
default = 0 which is a straight wall.
The angle of the wall bend when the bend_separation is greater than 1. A negative angle inverts the bend. The bend angle is inverted for the even number walls
default = 45.
Shifts the bend away from the center of the wall
default = 0, 0 is the center, value is in mm.
Produces a cut out on the separator wall, allowing for easier access to the chambers. The value is the number of mm to cut down. Negative values subtract 1/n height, I.E. -3 would cut down 1/3 the height.
Enables the use of the separator_config.
Provides the option to configure each wall position and options individually.
The value is a string of comma separated (,) values for each wall. The walls are separated by pipe (\|). The values are provided in the order position,bend_separation,bend_angle,cut_depth,cut_length,wall_thickness.
Example 30\|45,0,0,-2 would produce two walls one at 30mm, one at 45mm with a 50% cutout.


Setting Description
magnet_diameter Zack’s design uses magnet diameter of 6.5. value of 0: disables the magnet hole.
screw_depth Zack’s design uses depth of 6. value of 0: disables the screw hole.
center_magnet_diameter OpenSCAD base flatbase
Magnet to be added to the center of a gridfinity cell. This is expected to be used to hold the items in the bin like screws in place.
Diameter of the center magnet.
center_magnet_thickness Thickness of the center magnet.
hole_overhang_remedy OpenSCAD base flatbase
Sequential bridging for hanging hole. Only active only when both screws and magnets are nonzero (and this option is selected).
ref :buried-nuts-and-hanging-holes
ref: How to 3D Print bores without supports (Fusion 360 Masterclass)
box_corner_attachments_only OpenSCAD base flatbase
Only add attachments (magnets and screw) to box corners, instead of each corner of the each cell. Reduces print time and filament used.
A standard 2x3x3 box goes from 2h50m 54g to 2h20m 50g. A light bin with corner attachments goes from 2h40m 40g to 1h40m 28g with corner only, or 1h23m 25g for no attachments. A standard 5x5x3 goes from 10h57 207g to 8h37m 197g. These are all relative values.
default = true
floor_thickness OpenSCAD base flatbase
Minimum thickness above cutouts in base (Zack’s design is effectively 1.2).
default = 0.7
cavity_floor_radius OpenSCAD base flatbase
The radius between the wall and the floor.
-1: default, matches the wall radius,
0: no radius
>0: sets the to provided value
efficient_floor OpenSCAD base efficient floor
Light bin, saves material and print time, however the internal floor will not be flat (does not support finger slide).
default = false
half_pitch OpenSCAD base efficient floor
Subdivides the bottom pads in half, to allow half-cell offsets
default = false
flat_base OpenSCAD base flatbase
Removes the base grid from inside the shape
default = false

Finger Slide

OpenSCAD Finger Slide

Finger Slide does not work with Wall Pattern.

Setting Description
fingerslide Include larger base corner fillet, to allow easy removal of the items in the bin.
default = "none"
none: no finger slide
rounded: rounded finger slide
chamfered:45deg angled finger slide
fingerslide_radius Radius of the corner fillet,
default = 8

Tapered Corner

OpenSCAD Tapered Corner

Setting Description
tapered_corner style of the tapered corner.
default = "none"
none: no tapered corner
rounded: rounded corner
chamfered:45deg angled taper
tapered_corner_size Size of the tapered corner, in both the x and y directions.default = 10
-1: sets the base of the Floor height.0: Sets the base to just above the inner corner round over.
tapered_setback Set back of the tapered corner in to the box, default is the gridfinity corner radius default = -1 results in gridfinity_corner_radius/2

Wall Cutout

OpenSCAD Wall Cutout

Setting Description
wallcutout_enabled default=false
wallcutout_walls wall to enable on, front, back, left, right.
I.E. [1,0,0,0] front only, [1,1,1,1] all walls.
wallcutout_width default = binwidth/2
wallcutout_angle default = 70 deg
wallcutout_height default = binHeight
-1: Sets the base of the Floor height.0: Sets the base to just above the inner corner round over.
wallcutout_corner_radius default = 5

Wall Pattern

OpenSCAD Wall Pattern

Setting Description
wallpattern_enabled Enables a grid pattern to be removed from the walls of the bin.
wallpattern_style OpenSCAD base wallpattern style
Sets the grid style for the wall pattern.
grid: Aligns the holes in a square grid
hexgrid: Aligns the holes in a hexgrid. voronoi: Voronoi pattern of completely random placement.
voronoigrid: Voronoi pattern aligned to a grid,voronoihexgrid: : Voronoi pattern aligned to a hex grid.
wallpattern_walls Selects the walls to enable the wall pattern on. [front, back, left, right].
I.E. [1,0,0,0] front only, [1,1,1,1] all walls.
wallpattern_fill OpenSCAD base wallpattern fill
The pattern wont fill the space completely. These options allow for extending the patter to fill the space. Note, the pattern is rotated to make the hex shape easier to print. As such you need to swap vertical and horizontal.
none: no fill
space: Increase Space between grid to fill
crop: Over fill and crop the the allowed space
crophorizontal:Crop horizontal only
cropvertical: Crop vertical only
crophorizontal_spacevertical: Crop horizontal space vertical
cropvertical_spacehorizontal: Crop vertical space horizontal
spacevertical:Space vertical
spacehorizontal:Space horizontal
Does not apply to voronoi styles.
wallpattern_hole_sides Number of sides of the hole.
4: square
6: hexagon
64: circle
Does not apply to voronoi styles.
wallpattern_hole_size Size of the hole
wallpattern_hole_spacing Spacing between pattern
wallpattern_voronoi_noise amount of noise to add to voronoigrid and voronoihexgrid
wallpattern_voronoi_radius Radius of corners on voronoi shapes

Split bin

OpenSCAD split bin
Splits a cup, with the intent of joining after printing to produce larger cups. The split removes half a cell. If you want a 9 cell bin, configure a 5 cell cup with extention_x_enabled. This will produce a 4.5 cell cup which you can print twice and glue together.

Setting Description
extention_x_enabled Cuts the first half cell along the x axis (21mm) from the bin.
extention_y_enabled Cuts the first half cell along the y axis (21mm) from the bin.
extention_tabs_enabled Adds tabs to the cut walls to assist in gluing together.


Gridfinity Basic Cup debug

Setting Description
cutx Slice along the x axis, only active during preview.
cuty Slice along the y axis, only active during preview.
help Enables logging of help messages during render, also enables caliper measurements if cutx or cuty are enabled.

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