Tray Extension

This extension adds a simple tray option to the basic cup.

Tray are rectangles with rounded corners that are removed from Gridfinity cup. Magnets can be included Under the tray (centred in the Gridfinity cell) that can keep small metal items from rolling away.

Tray Settings

Setting Description
tray_corner_radius radius of the tray corner
tray_zpos The height from the bin base in mm.
tray_magnet_thickness Tray magnet thickness
Thickness of the magnet under the tray, centred in the Gridfinity cell.
tray_magnet_radius Radius of the above cell centred magnet.
tray_spacing Spacing between and around the trays.
tray_vertical_compartments vertical compartments
Number of vertical compartments.
0 will provide one tray for each Gridfinity cell.
tray_horizontal_compartments horizontal compartments
Number of horizontal compartments.
0 will provide one tray for each Gridfinity cell.
tray_custom_compartments Is a string field that is converted to an array of settings. This allows for multiple trays to be added to the cup, each with individual settings. See below for further details.

Custom Compartments

custom tray
Custom Compartments overrides and works with the above settings to allow multiple unique trays to be added.

The value is a string of comma separated (,) values for each tray. The trays are separated by pipe (|). The values are provided in the order xpos,ypos,xsize,ysize,radius,zpos.

  • xpos, ypos, the x/y position in Gridinity units.
  • xsize, ysize. the x/y size in Gridinity units.
  • radius, [optional] corner radius in mm. If not provided the tray_corner_radius is used.
  • zpos, [optional] the height from the bin base in mm. If not provided the tray_zpos is used.
  • example 0,0,2,1|2,0,2,1,2,5

Tray and Basic Cup

Using height, floor_thickness and filled_in settings from the Basic Cup allows control of how deep the tray will be.
floor height

The tray can be used with the other Gridfinity Basic Cup settings to enable further customisation to suit specific needs.
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