tuya cutter


Follow the settings:

use the FW version from the TUYA app, mine was

  • “version”: “2.9.6”
  • “chip”: “BK7231T”

sudo ./tuya-cloudcutter.sh -r Flashed with OpenBK7231T_UG_1.16.9.bin

Light settings

RGB+CCT 9W Light

Mirabella Genio I003335, I had to configure it to use a SM2135 driver.

  • P24 (PWM4) SM2135DAT
  • P26 (PWM5) SM2135CLK

Start up command - SM2135_map 2,1,0,4,3

Flag 9 - [SM2135] Use separate RGB/CW modes instead of writing all 5 values as RGB (Disabled)

After changing any of the above settings, a reboot of the device is needed.