Connector - Magnetic quick connector

Magnetic Connector
These are a Magnetic quick connector that allows for quickly attaching one adapter to another.
I use 8 10mmx3mm magnets on 50mm connector and find the attachment to be quite strong. They will pull off if you trip or pull the hose on an angle, This is why I have added the twist lock feature.
When adding the magnets I prefer to always use an even number of magnets and alternate their polarity. This prevents one side becoming the male and one the female. I hold the magnets in with epoxy that seem to hold well. Superglue did not work well for me.

Pregenerated models that can be downloaded.


Setting Description
End_Magnets_Count vacuum_hose_adapter magnetic_magnetcount
Number of magnets in the connector
End_Magnet_Diameter vacuum_hose_adapter magnetic_magnetdiameter
The diameter of the magnets (mm)
End_Magnet_Thickness vacuum_hose_adapter magnetic_magnetthickness
The thickness of the magnets (mm)
End_Magnet_Border vacuum_hose_adapter magnetic_magnetborder
Minium amount of the material around the magnets (mm)
End_Magnet_Flange_Thickness vacuum_hose_adapter magnetic_flangethickness
Thickness of the magnet flange (mm)
End_Ring vacuum_hose_adapter magnetic_alignmentring
Include a flange alignment ring, to helps align and seal the hoses. Dimentions are taken from the section below.
- no: No alignment ring
- protruding: protruding ring
- recessed: Recessed ring
Twist_Lock vacuum_hose_adapter magnetic_twistlock
This is an experimental feature.
Add a mechanical twist lock by including the ability to add a bolt
- 0: none
- 3: M3
- 3cnc: M3 with CNC Kitchen insert
- 4: M4
- 4cnc: M4 with CNC Kitchen insert
- 5: M5
- 5cnc: M5 with CNC Kitchen insert

Connector - Magnetic Connector - Alignment Ring

The alignment ring is meant to help seal the magnetic rings. You can ether print a ring in TPU or you could use some from of sealing o-ring material. When I first designed the magnetic adapters I thought this was needed and important to prevent air leaking. But I don’t use them and have no issues with the adapters sealing.
These dimensions are used in to create the ring and to create the recess or protrusion in the magnetic flange.

Setting Description
Draw_Alignment_Ring Render the alignment ring, This disable the rendering of the adapters.
default = no
end1: Render end 1
end2: Render end 2, no: Don’t render the alignment ring
Alignment_Depth Alignment depth in to flange (mm)
Alignment_Upper_Width Alignment upper width at widest part (mm)
Alignment_Lower_Width Alignment lower width at narrowest part (mm)
Alignment_Side_Clearance Alignment side clearance, to give nice fit (mm).
Alignment Depth Clearance to prevent hitting bottom (mm).